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Monique black jumpsuitMonique black jumpsuit

Monique black jumpsuit

  • S/M
Rent From AED 359Retail Price: AED 1781
Evie DressEvie Dress

Evie Dress

  • S/M
Rent From AED 349Retail Price: AED 1419
Colette JumpsuitColette Jumpsuit

Colette Jumpsuit

  • XS
Rent From AED 349Retail Price: AED 1804
Nina gold dressNina gold dress

Nina gold dress

  • S/M
Rent From AED 349Retail Price: AED 1273
Amelia JumpsuitAmelia Jumpsuit

Amelia Jumpsuit

  • S/M
Rent From AED 359Retail Price: AED 1895
Katie DressKatie Dress

Katie Dress

  • S
Rent From AED 349Retail Price: AED 1515
Eliza Pink JumpsuitEliza Pink Jumpsuit

Eliza Pink Jumpsuit

  • XS
Rent From AED 349Retail Price: AED 1323
Hailey Red JumpsuitHailey Red Jumpsuit

Hailey Red Jumpsuit

  • M
Rent From AED 359Retail Price: AED 1735

How it Works

  • Rent like a Lil Siz
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Need a show-stopping look for an upcoming event? An outfit for a shoot? Or dress for brunch or night out with the girls?


Pick a style you love from your sizter’s designer closet, we gotchu covered, siz!


Select a delivery date 1-2 days before your event and we'll have it shipped to you clean and ready-to-wear.


Easy and hassle-free renting with product authenticity verification and damage protection coverage for your peace of mind!


Once you’re done with it, just place your item back in the garment bag they came in. Our team will come and pick it up when your rental period is up.


We'll handle the pick up and dry cleaning and you can start picking your next rental from your favorite siz!


Do you have designer items you don’t get to wear but you’re not ready to let go of them yet? Is your closet full of designer items you don’t use anymore?


DM @siz.ae_official or email to submit photos and item name of designer items you wanted to lend.


We take care of everything from listing, renter screening, insurance, professional drycleaning or leather spa and shipping for you hassle-free lending.


All you have to do is approve rental requests! Told ya, siz, we really mean everything!


Accept rent requests and pickup dates and time and our team will handle all the logistics.


Your earnings of 25-60% of the rental fee will be sent to your account 2 days after the rental has successfully ended.

How Much Could I Earn With Siz?

Please select both options above

Estimated Earnings

AED 108 for 7 Days

AED 141 for 30 Days

AED 200 for 7 Days

AED 240 for 30 Days

AED 300 for 7 Days

AED 350 for 30 Days

AED 479 for 7 Days

AED 539 for 30 Days

AED 108 for 4 Days

AED 150 for 15 Days

AED 210 for 30 Days

AED 240 for 4 Days

AED 280 for 15 Days

AED 520 for 30 Days

AED 380 for 4 Days

AED 450 for 15 Days

AED 800 for 30 Days

Reasons To Rent With Siz

Unlimited Outfit

Transform the way you keep up with the latest designer trends

Passive Income

Earn from your existing rarely used fashion items

Social Experience

More than just a community, we are a sizterhood

Sustainable Fashion

Keep your wardrobe updated in an eco-friendly way

Join the

Sustainable Fashion Revolution

The circular fashion movement is all about buying less, using more and keeping stuff longer. is turning the whole industry on its head by making fashion accessible, social and sustainable.

Join us! Join the sizterhood!

Happy Sizters

Mariben Eustaquio @ EZONE

Mariben Eustaquio @ EZONE

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love SIZ! The closet sharing concept is just what every girl needs! I stopped
buying new evening dresses for each event since I met the SIZ team. The team
are very helpful and responsive and most of all, the clothes are TDF!

Anastasiia Orel

Anastasiia Orel

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wonderful idea and so creative team! They’ve saved
my life when I was suddenly invited for a wedding!
Happy to know about them! Definitely recommending!!

Reem Alnimir

Reem Alnimir

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great experience everytime! Available collection is amazing
with great prices.
Team is very friendly and professional. Keep it up 👏🏼 …

Beata Bogdanova

Beata Bogdanova

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great service! The team is very friendly
and even brought a different dress after the first one
I booked didn’t fit me well within a few hours.
Smooth booking system and great communication.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I recommend Siz 100000%!!! I started renting her dresses for my clients and my clients love love love it🥰🥰🥰
you should try it and I’m sure you’ll love it and feel beautiful inside and out! 🩵
look at some of her dresses! …

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