Siz. ae is a community-powered fashion rental platform in the UAE here to revolutionize your wardrobe and reduce fashion waste with a dash of glamour. Our platform allows women in the UAE to rent and lend designer clothes and bags to one another. We have serviced over a hundred ladies in the UAE, renting out hundreds of designer outfits, with 35% coming from repeat renters. Our platform builds a sisterhood sharing the DREAM designer closet by connecting fashion influencers and individuals who have underutilized designer items in their closets with women who want to rent these outfits for special events, brunches, holidays, and more. Siz. ae started with the founder's need and her previous boss's generosity. In 2021, while preparing for a winter trip, she looked at her closet and realized she didn't want to wear what she had anymore. However, she wanted to avoid spending money shopping again. She shared this problem with her colleagues, and her ex-boss immediately said, "Happy to loan my coats if they fit you. Coats are expensive - they have been sitting and taking up space while I haven't travelled". The founder loved the idea of sharing and thought, can we normalize this? She can't be the only one having this problem, and it's not just for winter clothes!

Revolutionising the wardrobe

The fashion industry's Achilles heel lies in the relentless cycle of wasteful spending. We invest in high-quality pieces with hefty price tags, only to watch them languish in our closets, gathering dust.

On the flip side, inexpensive, quickly-produced fashion attracts us with its short-lived charm, but it crumbles with the mere whisper of wear and tear, compelling us to buy more and perpetuating this vicious cycle.

Darling, it's a dilemma we're all too familiar with! Traditional shopping remains the sole option, fueling fashion consumption and exacerbating the waste problem plaguing the industry.

There's no doubt that many women really feel the benefit of sharing. The idea of renting clothing is familiar in itself. The human desire for variety, newness, and discovery will remain; our own body sizes fluctuate, our taste in fashion evolves, and fashion trends change so quickly, but we can transform the way we keep up with the latest design trends and update our wardrobe in an eco-friendly way by sharing.

Join the sizterhood, and together, let's make designer fashion
accessible, sustainable, and social.